What is the best resin for wood coating and riverbeds?

What is the best resin to pour on wood slabs? What about thick riverbed pours?


Our woodcrafters Resin is great for coatings (thin 1/8" - 1/4" thick). 

If you are going to do thicker pours 1/2" + we recommend our Floral Epoxy. Explanation below. 

It's not recommended to do that thick pours at one time. The reason why is because thicker the pours produce more heat from the chemical reaction it creates. This can create the cracking and microbubbles you want to avoid. 
We recommend if you went with a 1/2" and under pour first, let it cure to a tac free (touch with a finger - not sticky) then another layer on top. 
For thicker 2" + pour at once Id recommend Floral Epoxy.  Again this has a longer pot life and resists the heat that naturally occurs with the two chemicals mixing.
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